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Briefs are one of the most preferred undergarment styles for males nowadays. Although they use the minimum amount of cloth and material, they provide great comfort to the person wearing them. These underwear for men are often available in various styles and sizes to meet your comfort and style needs. As they use a lesser amount of cloth, they are often cheaper compared to the boxers or trunks or any other type of men underwear. And, the best part is today you can buy briefs online of brands like Jockey, and many more such top bands at

How to choose the best Brief for men

As stated earlier, there are several different styles and sizes available for the briefs based on the type of usage as well as the clothes you intend to wear. If you are confused as to which kind of briefs to buy online, here is a simple guide that will help you to buy the best briefs for men.

Sports Performance Briefs:

This type of briefs is usually worn by the people who are highly active; for example, sportsmen. If you do cycling or go to the gym every day, these can be the perfect pair of underwear that you can buy online with ease.

Style Briefs:

These types of briefs are designed to suit the needs of style with a thick waistband. The waistband may also incorporate some subtle embroidery, and these are often available in various colours.

Swimwear Briefs:

The swimwear briefs are mainly quite showy and stylish compared to the other briefs on the list. You can prefer buying these briefs in case you are an avid surfer or spend a lot of time on the beach.

Comfort Briefs:

Comfort briefs are the type of men undergarments that you can prefer for a sober look. These are not stylish and usually compose of a simple white or blue colour. They are designed for the sole purpose of providing a comfortable wear to the customer.

Top Brief Brands Available Online in India

There are several major undergarments for men brands that make brief underwear for the consumer market. Some of the famous names in the undergarment industry that provide briefs for men in India include Jockey, Hanes, Calvin Klein, Sleepy Jones, Under Armour, etc.

How to Buy Briefs Online in India

If you do not want to leave the comfort of your home to go out and buy a good pair of briefs, there are online websites such as that do the heavy lifting for you. You can buy briefs online here to enjoy the best experience of shopping briefs without having anyone in person in front of you. Brief shopping online has its perks. For example, you may get substantial discounts on the prices for buying a combo (pack of three or five briefs) at a time.

Also shopping online allows you to access easy payment options of internet banking or credit/debit cards to ensure that you do not have to spend cash for making the purchase.

Brief underwear is usually cheaper and much more comfortable than other types of underwear. Briefs for men are an excellent choice for underwear that provides the necessary comfort with style and less material. Look for the best collection of briefs for men in India. Pick your brand or the style, match with your size, and place an order. You will love shopping for underwear online because you need not compromise on your comfort. You just need to know your best size that fits you well.

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