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Buying underwear can be somewhat of a comfortable fashion statement in itself. Although the undergarments that you wear are rarely visible, being comfortable as well as stylish is a necessity nowadays. When you set out to buy new undergarments, comfort and fit should be your top priority to have easy and free movement as well as the necessary protection. There are several types of undergarments for men available in the market, and you can buy them in local stores as well as online. Among those innerwear for men, trunk is one such underwear that is worn by men for comfort and well fit.

How to choose the best Jockey Mens trunk

As mentioned earlier, choosing the best fit and comfort should be your topmost priority when you set out to buy underwear. The choice of underwear is usually made on the basis of the clothes that you intend to wear over the part of trunks. Here is a simple tip on how to choose the best Jockey mens trunk.

Sports Trunk:

This type of trunks should be worn when you have to do intensive physical exercises. The cloth used to make these trunks are usually sweat resistant making long periods of gym easy and comfortable.

Fashion Trunk:

Also known as printed trunks, these are usually worn with low cut jeans to expose the top band of the trunk. These are considered to be hip in design and are good enough to make a fashion statement.

Comfort Trunk:

Comfort trunks are usually made of soft cotton materials to maximise the comfort levels of a person. The comfort trunks are preferably worn over long periods of travel to make the journey comfortable while sitting and standing.

Classic Trunk:

If you are unable to decide as to what to choose from the above-mentioned list, you can always opt for the classic trunks, which serve the purpose of providing comfort and fit well enough for regular day-to-day basis.

Trunk Brands

There are several trunk brands that are available for providing you with the needed comfort as well as style level. Some of the top brands that provide mens trunks online in India include Jockey, Hanes, Calvin Klein, Sleepy Jones, Under Armour, etc.

How to Buy Trunks Online in India

You can buy mens trunks online and other undergarments online as well. Some websites often come up with consumer friendly innerwear prices that are hard to resist. The offers often tend to provide a price that is lesser than the MRP and also offer free doorstep delivery. Trunk shopping online is something that you can do sitting in the comfort of your home and expect a delivery within a few days, generally 2-3 days. Fast delivery options and easy checkout and payment options make the online shopping for underwear the deal-breaker.

Trunk type underwear is usually comfortable to all the classes of people as it lands between the brief and boxer class. With the medium length, trunks for men are the most preferred undergarments with a variety of options according to lifestyle and usage.

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